Noise Abatement Council

The history of posters can be traced as far back as the 15th century, then artisans handmade each and every sheet. For the most part, news and information was distributed to the populace via the Town Crier. Town criers traversed the streets and would stop at crossroads, announcing the orders and proclamations. In 1539, the poster began to slowly replace the town criers. Jean-Michel Papillon was one of the first poster artists that can be tracked via his signature. Like most print media, graphic arts were dependent on the invention of the printing press. The role and appearance of the poster has changed continuously over the past century to meet the changing needs of society: politics, propaganda, education, sport, entertainment, sex & health

prescription for war nerves – National Noise Abatement Council 1940

photomechanical print poster: 54 x 40 cm