my perpetual chair

1518 & projects & cavitas-oris

1518 & projects & cavitas-oris only:

  • leaders  
  • tractor & tracks & continuity
  • app & pull
  • plot-key & characters 
  • pistas & wet pistas
  • source text & material
  • ruler
  • show or not show 
  • patrzaly 
  • omniscient
  • project-focus
  • hangers
  • master & masters
  • power – pull 
  • dis-click 
  • project light & sound
  • disc-locators
  • project-cans – moje puszki nie podlegają osobom postronnym albo samozwańcom
  • pomruk w/r previously known as – established august 2013

as and when required:

  • NFS – not for sale
  • NFR – not for rent
  • MNA – memory not available
  • DDANFF – don’t do any network for free
  • DDO – don’t do odwrotkas & & 1518 & projects

my perpetual chair –  1518&projects 28 April 2012

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