modern furniture

Modern furniture refers to furniture produced from the late 19th century through the present that is influenced by modernism. Post-World War II ideals of cutting excess, commodification, and practicality of materials in design heavily influenced the aesthetic of the furniture. It was a tremendous departure from all furniture design that had gone before it. There was an opposition to the decorative arts, which included Art Nouveau, Neoclassical, and Victorian styles. Dark or gilded carved wood and richly patterned fabrics gave way to the glittering simplicity and geometry of polished metal. The forms of furniture evolved from visually heavy to visually light. This shift from decorative to minimalist principles of design can be attributed to the introduction of new technology, changes in philosophy, and the influences of the principles of architecture

Sofa also called Sattee is a seat with back and arms, sometimes upholstered, designed to accommodate two or more people in a sitting or reclining position. The earliest surviving types, dating back to the 17th century in Europe

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Canapé en temps de pluie – Rainy-Day Canapé – Dorothea Tanning. 1970
Tweed, upholstered wood sofa, wool, Ping-Pong balls, and cardboard
32 1/4 x 68 1/2 x 43 1/4 in
Philadelphia Museum of Art