Bring Manufacture Back Home

Manufacture by Sir T Brock is a tough workman, muscular, bearded and heavily muscled, wearing an apron and holding a mallet. Modelled on Colorossi, the same model who sat for Hercules strangling Antæus, which won his gold medal as a Royal Academy student in 1869. Manufacture is a part of The Victoria Memorial, built in the time when Rule Britania was a reality, and follows a nautical theme. The memorial, was  built  out of 2,300 tons of marble. The scheme belongs to the architect Aston Webb, who won the competition to design the setting for Brock’s monument in 1902, in 1911 the edifice was finally unveiled. The enormous statue of  Queen Victioria,  over 18 ft high, and made in Carrara marble and Pentelic marble, is seated against a great pediment, facing away from Buckingham Palace and down the Mall towards Trafalgar Square


  • Manufacture – Sir Thomas Brock, K.C.B., R.A. 1847-1922
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Manufacture – Sir Thomas Brock, K.C.B., R.A. 1847-1922

1911 Bronze 11 feet 6 inches high