H is the 8th letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet, is classed among the consonants, and is formed with the mouth organs in the same position as that of the succeeding vowel. The form of the letter probably stands for a fence or posts. In most dialects of English, the name for the letter is pronounced /ˈeɪtʃ/ and spelled ‘aitch’ In Northern Ireland it is a shibboleth as Protestant schools teach aitch and Catholics haitch. In Australia, this has also been attributed to Catholic school teaching and is estimated to be in use by 60% of the population

Authorities disagree about the history of the letter’s name. The Oxford English Dictionary says the original name of the letter was ˈaha’ in Latin; this became ˈaka’ in Vulgar Latin, passed into English via Old French

  • in physics for Planck constant
  • in chess for algebraic notation
  • in chemistry for hydrogen
  • in thermodynamics for enthalpy
  • in anthropology for homo

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