E is the fifth letter and a vowel in the ISO basic Latin alphabet.In the International Phonetic Alphabet, /e/ represents the close-mid front unrounded vowel. In the orthography of many languages it represents either this or /ɛ/, or some variation such as a nasalized version of these sounds, often with diacritics as: 〈e ê é è ë ē ĕ ě ẽ ė ẹ ę ẻ〉) to indicate contrasts. E is the most common or highest-frequency letter in the English alphabet and several other European languages, which has implications in both cryptography and data compression

alphabetical list of human emotions, starting with vowel E:

eager early earnest earthy eased easy easygoing ebullient eccentric eclectic eclipsed economical ecstatic edgy edified educated effaced effective effeminate effervescent effete efficacious efficient effusive egocentric egotistic elastic elated elderly elegant electrified elevated eloquent elusive emancipated emasculated embarrassed embittered emerged eminent emotional emotionally bloated emotionally constipated emotionless emotive empathetic empathic empowered empty emulous enabled enamored enchanted enclosed encompassed encouraged encouraging encroached upon encumbered endangered endearing endowed endured energetic energized enervated engaged engrossed engulfed enhanced enigmatic enjoyable enlightened enlivened enmeshed ennobled ennobling ennuied enraged enraptured enriched enslaved entangled enterprising entertained enthralled enthused enthusiastic enticed enticing entire entitled entombed entranced entrapped entrenched entrepreneurial entrusted envied envious equal equanimous equipped eradicated excluded erased erratic escalated essential established esteemed estranged ethereal etiolated euphoric evaded evaluated evasive even tempered evicted evil eviscerated exacerbated examined exasperated excellent exceptional excessive excitable excited exciting erasable excoriated exculpated excused execrated exempt exempted exhausted exhilarated exigent exiled exonerated exorcised exotic expansive expectant expecting experienced experimental exploitative exploited explosive exposed expressive expunged extraordinary extravagant extreme extricated extroverted exuberant exultant

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