bossa nova

Bossa Nova is a musical sub-genre derived from samba and with strong American jazz influences. Initially, the term Bossa Nova referred to a way of singing and playing samba but gradually became one of the most important movements in what is known in Brazil as MPB, Brazilian Popular Music. The word bossa was said for the first time in the 1930s in Coisas Nossas, a popular samba song composed by Noel de Medeiros Rosa. He  was a Brazilian songwriter, singer, and guitar&mandolin player. One of the greatest names in Brazilian popular music, Noel gave a new twist to samba, combining its Afro-Brazilian roots with a more urban, witty language and making it a vehicle for ironic social commentary


A brief history of Bossa Nova,  wikipedia

music: Coisas Nossas – Noel de Medeiros Rosa 1932