1518 radio it  –  is a licensed online radio streaming service, established in February 2010  and operates without external sponsorship, as a self-founded project, singular – radioiter, plural – radioiteria



patschaly, tex-sit, wisdom tooth, sit-oriat, ltp, false or true, offy, radial fossa, radioiters, it-portation, project library, girl power, idiovello orchestra, push & pull & cool, timbre-femme, she-on-she, idio-pista, wet pistas,  tla, ploviewer, non-titteria, convocation, it-stamps, it-theatre & theatre of anxiety, section 9 & somnium erasum, nowhere

air style:

irregularity, no timetables, music themes,
no bs, no commercials, no-nonsense

1518 & projects 2010 – 2021

patschaly –   image by 1518 & projects, 2010